Concrete: The Best Choice For Your Floor


If you are designing a new house, redesigning and refurbishing your old house or just simply wondering about the different kinds of materials the floor can be made out of, you will not be disappointed. There are millions of materials flooding the market and hundreds of different choices. You can get teak floors or hardwood floors; you can even get marble floors.

Each different material for the floors includes its different pros and cons. Different materials have different manners of advantages, maintenance and other differences. Currently, concrete flooring though, is coming out as one of the best flooring options.

  • Long-Lasting:

For one thing, this simple flooring option is sustainable and long lasting. While many people associate the use of a rough concrete slab to basements and garages, a concrete slab is capable of much more. Once the slab has been sanded and polished, it is can look as elegant and refined as any other material. And what’s more, by using existing concrete slabs as the flooring for your house, you are not even consuming extra materials. A floor that has been polished and maintained can easily last a hundred years, if not longer!

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5 Reasons You Should Use A Concrete Cutting Company


Building something new? We are sure you will need the help of a concrete cutting company to complete whatever this dream is. Concrete is used in just about every single construction project out there today. Whether it be the building of a dam in a remote village or a little house in the middle of a city. As a result, concrete cutting company’s expertise is very much in demand. Out of all the various forms of workers that come together during the construction of something, their work is perhaps the toughest. And it is as important as it is difficult.

  • Why Use a Concrete Cutting Company?

You may keep asking yourself this, after all, many people prefer fixing little problems around the house by themselves. I am sure they can learn how to conduct such work, especially when it comes to small matters. But the truth is, the more experienced a company is, the better it will do its job. So if a company has been in business the past 10 years, it is sure to provide a really good finish. No matter how little the work to be done is, such a company will aid you in completing it without a hassle.

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7 Reasons You Should Use Concrete For Your Floor


Concrete has come out of the closet of our minds, believing that it was only to be used in industrial settings or as a sidewalk material. Concrete has a new look and reputation among interior designers, and architects as being aesthetically pleasing. Even though concrete is inherently gray, modern innovations have made it a glamour material, with the addition of color, staining, toning, and the ability to add aggregate patterns that can be customized. The top 7 reasons you should use concrete for your floor design are shown below:

  1. Appearance: A polished concrete floor is a glossy, finished floor material that can impersonate marble, granite, and slate. Concrete adds value to any real estate and it is limitless in design, color, character, and texture. It is available in a wide array of colors, from translucent to opaque finishes.
  2. Light/Sound: Concrete floors naturally enhances ambient lighting to the point that its helps businesses and homeowners reduce their lighting costs. Also, concrete floors provide a better sound insulation because they do not squeak, crack, split or warp like other flooring materials.
  3. Durability: As a durable and sustainable flooring material, concrete floors can handle heavy foot traffic in residential settings, as well as in industrial facilities. Concrete floors are durable and very strong, giving users a long standing investment in flooring. It is an environmentally safe material which is one of the strongest flooring materials anywhere. Other flooring types will eventually need to be replaced, but concrete has an extremely long life.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Concrete can be made with waste materials that are safe to humans and the environment. Concrete can include:

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Polish your concrete floors to impress your landlord

The Top Bond Cleaning Sydney Company

AfterIt’s always a smart idea to impress your landlord since having good relationships with them, paying your rent and bills will let him/her know you are reliable and don’t make excuses. That’s one way of impressing the landlord, another way of impressing them is by keeping your home clean and tidy. One way of doing this is polishing your concrete floors.

Why concrete?

Polished concrete is in high demand in becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material. This type of flooring looks amazing. It’s also more durable, solid and less prone to deteriorate than normal flooring materials, and because of that its in high demand. Retail owners, office facilities.

Polishing a concrete floor is the best way of maintaining your floor, and keeps it in good shape. Do it in the right way and make it an excellent job, you’ll have clean your the floor in stages.

For additional ideas, go here:

Condition of the concrete.

Before getting started on the polishing of your flooring, you’d better examine it carefully. Check the hardness of the concrete as well, use a piece of equipment called a MOHS hardness tester.

Equipment you’ll need for the job.

The equipment you’ll need for polishing your flooring depends on what kind of flooring you’ve got. For a regular flooring you will just need;



-Water with mop and bucket.

-Vacuum cleaner.

-A mild detergent.

-Floor grinder.

-Concrete polish.

-Polishing disks of grit – coarse, fine and extra fine going up to 1500 and up.


  1. Sweep the floor with your broom before you apply the polish. Gather the dirt collect with your dustpan, or use the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Mop the floor with water and add the mild detergent stated at on the list of equipment you’ll need. Mop up to clear up any remaining dust or dirt. Don’t worry about stains like tea or coffee, they should come off easily with the mop. Just make sure you wipe the floor down to dry before you polish.
  3. Polish your floor with coarse grit. Get a coarse-grit disk, preferably one measuring at 500. You should have them since they are listed as equipment you’ll need. This kind of grit is much better at removing any stains that are hard to remove and any rough areas on your surface. Start at one end of the room, and work systematically, move upwards from one side to another. Work in circular motions and work over the whole surface with the disk. When you’re cleaning pay extra attention for any stains so you can remove them as fast as possible. Don’t overlap if you can.
  4. Polishing with fine grit. Once you’ve finished with the first grit disk, its now time to use the fine grit disk. Again, start at one end of the room and work with circular motions, and try avoiding overlapping. Any stains should lift with the fine grit. Once you’ve finished the if you can help it. Now the floor should look clean and uniform.
  5. Polish with extra fine grit. Now you’ve reached this stage, now move onto a disk with the finest grit, 1500 for example. This will give you a floor with a glassy sheen. Unlike the other two stages which you’ve gritted the floor, this time you need to overlap. Again, use circular motions to impress the grit into the floor. Overlap your circles as you proceed.
  6. Apply the concrete polish. Use the grinder, which will apply the floor polish over the whole of the surface. This will give an extra sheen which will look glassy on your floor.

Now you’ve got a polished floor impress your landlord.